ASA Legal Support

Purpose: A primary purpose of the Alaska Superintendents Association (ASA) Legal Support Program is to encourage due process by supporting legal assistance for the association’s active members.

ASA provides legal funding for the Legal Support Program (LSP). The purpose of this fund is to offer support for active members who are involved in legal proceedings directly related to their professional positions and to provide appropriate assistance, consistent with established program guidelines.

The first $200 in legal fees and expenses are not covered by ASA. A member may apply for up to $500 in additional assistance after demonstrating that the initial amount ($200) has been covered.

If attorney’s fees are recouped, the ASA Legal Fund will be reimbursed.

The maximum amount of legal assistance any active member may receive from ASA during any calendar year is $500. In no event will a member receive more than a cumulative, multiple-year total of $2,000 from ASA’s Legal Support Program.

Your use of the state Legal Support Fund may qualify you for additional funding from the School Superintendents Association.  Application for the additional funding must be made directly to the School Superintendents Association.

This program is available to ASA members without regard to race, creed, color, sex, marital status, age, or handicap.

Consideration of Requests

ASA considers requests for assistance from the Legal Support Program in the order they are received. When the amount allocated by ASA for the LSP in any given year has been expended, assistance will no longer be available during that year.

Criteria for Assistance

In considering applications for assistance, ASA applies the following criteria to determine eligibility:

  1. The person requesting assistance must be an active member of ASA at the time of the occurrence that led to the legal action and also be an active member at the time the application for assistance is submitted. An application is required for assistance.
  2. The occurrence must have happened after January 1, 2000.
  3. Even though ASA does not specify any particular hourly rate for attorneys and does not consider those rates in making a determination for assistance, a copy of an invoice from the member’s attorneys and a certification that the first $200 has been paid by the member must be included with the application.
  4. If requests for assistance involve two or more members of ASA who are in conflict, the association reserves the right to determine whether it will or will not pursue the requests.
  5. The member will be eligible to receive assistance from the LSP only once a year despite the number of legal proceedings in which the member might be involved.
  6. Legal proceedings that extend beyond the year in which they began are considered part of the original proceedings and will be eligible for assistance only once.

The ASA Legal Support Program is Not…

This program is not an insurance policy that entitles active ASA members to receive assistance in all cases. Instead, the plan makes it possible for the association to provide active members with limited financial help in defraying legal expenses when they are exercising their right to due process.

What is not covered?

The following points of contention are not covered by ASA’s Legal Support Program:

  • Issues arising from collective bargaining process or agreements.
  • Criminal actions, unless the member is acquitted.
  • Management decisions which are the legal responsibility of the school district.

Steps in Requesting Assistance

  1. Notify ASA in writing or by phone that you may need legal assistance. At this time, request the appropriate forms. Those forms will then be sent or transmitted to you.
  2. Complete the form and return it to ASA.
  3. When your completed form is received, ASA will review all information provided to be sure it is consistent with the Legal Support Program’s policies, procedures, and criteria for eligibility.
  4. You will be informed of ASA’s decision. In the review process, the association will check to be sure you have included certification that you or another party have paid your attorney a total exceeding $200 directly related to the particular occurrence. The review will also attempt to guarantee that the deductible and program criteria have been met. When approved, a check will be issued for an amount not to exceed the specified maximum. If ASA considers your application ineligible, you will be notified of the reasons your request was not approved.

Any false information included in the LSP Financial Application will lead to immediate disqualification of the request.

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To request further information, contact:

Office of the Executive Director
Alaska Association of School Administrators
234 Gold Street
Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: 907-586-9702
Fax: 907-586-5879