ASA & ACSA President Sean Dusek

ASA & ACSA President Sean Dusek

Welcome to a new year!

These are very exciting times for our state with many opportunities coming into focus.  Yes, there are many uncertainties and challenges ahead too.  In order for us to realize all of the opportunities, we must address the challenges, stay the course and, most importantly, stay together.  This is much easier said than done in times of scarcity.  So far, we have all experienced success and had to answer difficult questions about overall performance.  We are continuing to look for ways to improve our instructional models and ensure that they are of high quality.  We are continuing to become more responsive to our students’ needs culturally, socially and academically.  The question is, do our stakeholders know?  Over the next several months, we will have the chance to share our successes with the public.  However, we must be prepared to answer the questions:  Are we as efficient as we possibly can be?  Are we getting the results for our students to be prepared for their future?  What are we doing differently to get better results?  Collectively, we have the answers and can move this institution forward, but as always, it is in the details.  Working together, sharing and collaborating will take time and commitment.  I believe we are the right group of leaders, at the right time in our state’s history.  I look forward to working with everyone over the next several months and strongly encourage each of you to fully engage with each other at every opportunity.  I have said this before, we represent the most important constituents in Alaska and we are most effective when we represent our students collaboratively.  Thank you all for your commitment to the children of Alaska!


Sean Dusek

Superintendent, Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

President, Alaska Superintendent’s Association